About Us


Let us introduce ourselves, we are Laurie and Gerry Wilhite, we are pen makers, glass workers and show artists.  We attend and sell at 25-30 major art shows every year, or travels take us from Minnesota to Florida, from New England to Texas with many stops in between.

 Each of our pens is hand made one at a time at our workshop in Santa Claus, Indiana.  Yes, there really is a Santa Claus, Indiana.  Many of the colorful resins that our pens are made of have been blended and hand cast by us. 

 Wholesale Sales

We don’t have a physical store or gallery.  We sell at art shows, through our ecommerce store, and through a number of trade accounts.  Are you a store owner looking for a unique line of pens for your business?  Our pens are available in several stores spread across the US and we are always looking for new wholesale accounts.  We would like to hear from you.

 Corporate Gifts

Are you looking for gifts to give to your key accounts or special executive gifts for your very top customers?  Growing tired of sending a fruit basket or Poinsettia every holiday season?  How about special gifts to recognize top performing staffers?  As custom pen makers we have limits to our production capacity, but we do manage to fulfill several corporate gift orders every year.  For a truly one of a kind gift that will always be appreciated, contact us.  Get in touch with us early if possible, but later if necessary.  Prices are negotiable.   


We make them, we can fix them, as simple as that.  If anything ever goes wrong with your pen, get in touch with us.  Sometimes we can work out a solution with a quick phone call or email exchange.  On other occasions we need to get the pen back for repairs.  The pens are tough and well built, but not indestructible.  Running them through a washing machine can do serious damage, leaving them in direct sunlight in a hot vehicle is not a good idea, handling a pen made out of antler, wood or other organic material with dirty, oily hands can cause problems.  Fountain pen nibs are fragile and prone to damage from being dropped or from pressing too hard.  If you have damage and you think the pen should have held up better, get in touch with us and we will fix or replace.

 Replacement Ink

All of our ball point pens use standard and widely available Parker or Cross type refills which are available at all the major office supplies stores as well as online from many sources.  We also sell refills and replacement leads for our sketch pencils.