From the Art Show Circuit--Winter in Flordia

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Posted by Gerry on March 23, 2016

We just returned from our last Florida show for the winter. A large number of artists from all over the US and Canada make their way to Florida in the winter because there are many good art shows available and because a large number of potential buyers are wintering in Florida. In many cities in south and central Florida there are also large numbers of year round residents who are ardent supporters of the arts.

With so many excellent artists vying for the top shows it is always difficult to get into the best shows, but we usually manage to get accepted into a few of them, this year was no exception. As usual the top rated shows were outstanding; we had some very busy but good days. However, some of the lower ranked shows were softer than usual.

We made three separate trips to Florida this year, each for 2-3 weeks. Many of the artists we meet stay in Florida from early January until late March; they attend a show every weekend. These temporarily permanent Floridians elevate the quality of art at even the smallest shows, but we think we compete well at the shows we attend.

Typical Florida weather is for June-October to be the rainy season and the rest of the year much dryer. This year there were more winter rains than usual, and from our perspective it seems that they all came on weekends when we were selling at outdoor shows. While the rain savvy residents and visitors in Florida may be more rain tolerant than those in northern states, Saturday rainouts as we had this year are never good for art fair sales.

Thanks to all of you who visited our display at the various Florida shows. We had fun, we met a lot of nice people, we had sales success and as always we were amazed, pleased and grateful for the volunteers who make the shows possible and the patrons who support the arts.