Craggy Caribou on Clayton Pen II

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  • caribou pen
  • antler pen
  • caribou antler roller ball pen
  • antler roller ball pen

Product Description

What the inside of a piece of antler will hold is always a mystery.  At times they are pure white and solid, they can be all over brown or sploches of brown on white.  Then there are the very occasional times when they are dark, pithy and gnarrly looking, like a sponge only hard. Its nature at its most creative.

All the gaps have been filled with a stabilizer and the end result is a pen with real character, there won't be another antler section like this. This pen from the Clayton Series is rhodium plated with contrasting black trim, it fits into our large glass pen holder and this brown glass pen holder is a good match.  The cap is threaded and can be posted while writing.  Weight 1.8 ounces, length 5.25 inches.

Fountain Pen

  • Flex steel German made nib
  • Choose extra fine, fine, medium or broad nib
  • Fills with cartridge or converter
  • Space in body for spare cartridge
  • Nib has been examined and fine tuned

Rollerball Pen

  • Ink refill by Schmidt/Private Reserve, fast drying
  • Ceramic rollerball for smooth writing
  • Choose black or blue ink, fine or medium tip