Standard Fountain/Rollerball Pens

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We can convert our rollerballs to fountain pens, and our fountain pens to rollerballs.  You pick the pen you want and then select either fountain pen or rollerball.  You will notice that the price goes down by $15-$50, depending on the pen, when you pick rollerball.

Our standard fountain pens all use #5 nibs.  We use nibs from multiple German nib makers and we inspect and tune every nib before shipping.  You can choose from extra fine, fine, medium, or broad nibs, if you don't choose we will default to a medium nib.  All of our fountain pens can use an ink pump or cartridge.  Our pens use the universal short or long cartridge.

Our roller balls use a German made cerimac ball which provides ultra smooth writing and quick drying.  You can choose between medium and fine points and between blue or black ink.  If you do not choose we default to medium black.