Ozark Bolt Action Pen in Caribou Antler

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  • bolt action pen in caribou antler
  • bolt action pen
  • caribou antler bolt action ball point pen

Product Description

Like other members of the deer, Caribou shed their antlers and grow new ones ever year.  Unlike other members of deer, both the male and female grow antlers.  Plus the size of a Caribou antler rack relative to body size is greater than any other type of deer.  

In North America caribou are found only in Canada and Alaske.  In many other parts of the world they are know as reindeer.  You will attract attention with this pen, it is styled as a replica rifle cartridge converted into a pen with a bolt action mechanism for chambering the ink supply.

  • Replica Winchester .308 cartridge
  • Bolt action ink supply advancing mechanism
  • Clip is in the shape of a rifle
  • Parker type ink supply